Saturday, 18 December 2010


We are snowed in today on our small farm. There are plenty of berries on a holly tree that overhangs the river. It looks promising for a white Christmas.

The sun has come out and the winter landscape has an almost dazzling effect with the snow lying on the trees and meadows. Our alpacas seem unphased by the weather. There are deer here and I disturbed one this morning while searching for photographs in the woods.

We had a brief respite from the weather a few days ago and I cycled alongside the River Exe from Exeter to Exmouth with a friend. This estuary is renowned for its birds. We had a close up sighting of an avocet feeding on the mud flats beside the cycle trail. Shortly afterwards, a kingfisher closely followed by a buzzard flew in front of us as we were cycling along. These were all good sightings.
Happy Christmas