Saturday, 22 June 2013


I opened my post two weeks ago to find a letter from Sustrans inviting me to take part in Stage 4 of Pedal On UK.  Having overcome my initial excitement, I read on.  It said that Pedal On UK will be a national event to celebrate new cycling and walking routes on the National Cycle Network.  Games Makers and celebrities will also be taking part and it is funded by the National Lottery.  As a committed supporter of Sustrans it took me about one millesecond to say yes.

So, may I say what is special about cycling for me?  Cycling is for everyone.  Can you imagine my surprise when I met a nomad in Mongolia on a bike?

My friend in Norway has such a happy smile

What about these cyclists on tour following Way of the Roses?

These kiwis find that cycling is not just the cheapest but most exhilerating way to travel the World.

Here in UK, Sustrans is on a mission to bring the National Cycle Network to everyone where people whether walking or cycling feel safe away from busy main roads.  In some places the network offers adventures such as Lon Las Cymru through the Welsh Mountains and others offer level safe off road tracks set in stunning scenery such as the Exe Estuary and Mawddach Trail.  Increasingly schools and shopping centres are being connected to the Network.

This is why I think cycling is for
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