Friday, 17 June 2016


This was our route along the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, thanks to Dagmar's excellent navigation skills

These are some vital statistics:

> We succeeded cycling from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.
> Distance: 1,146km (716 miles)
> Altitude climbed: 14,900m (48,887ft)
> Punctures: None
> Repairs: None
> Best scenic day: The ride to Pedroforca (day 4).
> Most memorable stop: Day ride from Ainsa (day 10)
> Best wildlife day: Everyday we could hear the birds singing and were immersed in wildlife rich countryside
> Best town/city: San Sebastian (final day)
> Any bad moments? Heavy traffic and heavy rain on the Corniche between St Jean De Luz and Hendaye
> Favourite overnight stop: Ainsa
> Route planning: All Dagmar's planning
> Quality of cycle routes: mostly quiet lanes but some off-road terrain and occasional main roads.  The Spanish drivers were mostly very good.
> Comment on hills: completely different to UK. They are very long, often with hairpin bends but the gradients were shallow by UK standards. My longest recorded hill was 50km (31 miles), in this case going down.