Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Winter so far in Devon has been unusually mild. The mists that come with this weather can be quite atmospheric. I am seeing birds starting to pair and primroses have been flowering far too early. When I go out on my bike, I always seem to wear too much and take off an unnecessary layer quite quickly.

Today, I am on my new mountain bike to savour some of Devon's green lanes. The leaves are now down and surfaces wet but cycling in the late afternoon with the light fading offers a different insight and it is one which I enjoy. Tim Peake might be enjoying his first full day in space but I too am having a great time.

On this short ride, my only encounter with traffic was three sheep on this trail who ran ahead in front of me until a gate blocked the way. Then they turned the other way and ran full throttle past me no doubt thinking that I would take them for my dinner