Thursday, 29 April 2010


I have covered 135 miles in the last two days. This is the fen country with Lincoln as a city highlight. Yesterday was windy and as my cycle route zig zags, sometimes I was cycling into wind and at other times it was behind me.

My cycle route had several off road stretches such as the above. The countryside consists of huge rivers, wide open fields and lots of hamlets. I met a couple today who said that they had just finished a 30,000 mile bike ride across Asia. It had taken them 6 years.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I have now cycled through Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. I have arrived at Kings Lynn. My distance to date is 210 miles. I could have gone further today but there is nowhere to stay. These counties have beautiful gently rolling countryside and delightful villages. Last night, I thought that I would be sleeping rough in a hedgerow and, as it was a warm balmy evening, I was partly looking forward to it.

I liked this picture above and there are many views like this around here. Anyhow I arrived at Foulsham, 15 miles from Norwich and a local directed me to a B+B in a Georgian house soon to be cherished. Not only were the owners friendly, my room was enormous and it had a roll top bath. Now if your legs are tired having cycled 73 miles, there is nothing better in this World than to languish in a roll top bath. If you are in Norfolk, please check

I have a mascot. It is Badger and he sits on my back pannier. Badger nearly came to grief yesterday. I was on a rough track and my bike slid over on the gravel. I had some cuts and grazes but Badger is made of sterner stuff and is fine. Badger had a scary moment today when we encountered this ... gentleman.

The North Sea Cycle Route is slightly confusing as it often goes inland. In fact, this afternoon was the first time I have seen it since leaving Harwich. Finally, in case anyone wants to know, my legs are going fine.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


I set off from Harwich at 3pm yesterday and have cycled through the beautiful rolling countryside of Suffolk to reach Framlingham this evening.

Mileage to date............83

Mileage to go...........3,546

Am meeting my buddy, Bill tomorrow evening at Norwich who is joining me for a few days.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


The start date for my journey is Saturday, 24 April from Harwich, England. I am going to cycle 3,600 miles clockwise around the coastline of the North Sea.

My route takes me through some of the most stunning and remote scenery that Europe has to offer. I hope to see an abundance of wildlife. At my Northernmost points, I will be cycling around the Shetland Isles and ffiords near Bergen in Norway.

I will be taking time out to visit a 100 year old lady in Teesside and an army officer who distinguished himself in Afghanistan.

My bike is a Trek X1 that looks like a racer but is strong and sturdy. My ride is unsupported and this means that I carry all my own gear.

I have another challenge. I want to raise money to protect wildlife. I think that protection of wildlife is as important as global warming in the 21st century. If you think wildlife deserves support, please go to

I will be publishing posts throughout my journey on this website. I will also be saying places that I will visit on

Cheers for now