Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I have now cycled through Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. I have arrived at Kings Lynn. My distance to date is 210 miles. I could have gone further today but there is nowhere to stay. These counties have beautiful gently rolling countryside and delightful villages. Last night, I thought that I would be sleeping rough in a hedgerow and, as it was a warm balmy evening, I was partly looking forward to it.

I liked this picture above and there are many views like this around here. Anyhow I arrived at Foulsham, 15 miles from Norwich and a local directed me to a B+B in a Georgian house soon to be cherished. Not only were the owners friendly, my room was enormous and it had a roll top bath. Now if your legs are tired having cycled 73 miles, there is nothing better in this World than to languish in a roll top bath. If you are in Norfolk, please check http://www.ivyhousefoulsham.co.uk/

I have a mascot. It is Badger and he sits on my back pannier. Badger nearly came to grief yesterday. I was on a rough track and my bike slid over on the gravel. I had some cuts and grazes but Badger is made of sterner stuff and is fine. Badger had a scary moment today when we encountered this ... gentleman.

The North Sea Cycle Route is slightly confusing as it often goes inland. In fact, this afternoon was the first time I have seen it since leaving Harwich. Finally, in case anyone wants to know, my legs are going fine.

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  1. Sounds all good so far! Congratulations for making it to the start line and further. Can we see a picture of badger and does he or she have a name? love daughter (the best one ..ha ha..(o: ... ) xx