Sunday, 17 February 2013


It is not an easy ride to Salcombe.  There are hills and there are evils.  Evils are very steep hills.  The cycle route (NCN 28) more than compensates with its deep insite into Devon's South Ham's beautiful countryside and outstanding coastal scenery.

My first encounter was with John.  He loves his bike but loves horses more.  Today John was on route to the hunt alongside other horse riders.  I had just passed the hounds.  John had earlier asked me if I would set the trail for the hounds on my mountain bike.  I foolish said that I might but luckily he has not taken me up on that.

The rural heart of Devon is special.  Bullocks stare as you cycle past lonely farms, buzzards frequently swoop close overhead, people stop to talk, at Aveton Gifford there is a homely community shop and you can stop for a swim at South Milton beach.  The waterside settings and wildlife are all special places and finally the butcher in Salcombe sells superb local pasties.

At Salcombe there is a ferry across the estuary where you can cycle on to Slapton and Totnes.  I turned round and went back the same way. 

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