Wednesday, 16 November 2016


I have won an award and it is for doing what I enjoy, going out with my bike.  I am apparently SW Volunteer of the Year for Sustrans.  I have not talked much about Sustrans in my blog.  I have always liked what they do.  The National Cycle Network is its creation and nothing to do with our Government. It is a credit to Sustrans that all the local authorities across the UK have adopted it. For me, it brings adventure in some of Britain's remotest places and in busier areas the NCN, as it is known, takes people along safe paths suitable for everyone, children, disabled people, elderly as well as cyclists.  It has something for everyone.  These are a selection of images that have inspired me in 2016.
My first image was taken in Cambridge in February and could easily be thought to be in one of Europe's cycling capitals, such as Copenhagen or Amsterdam. All towns and cities should have cycling facilities like this. There would be less traffic congestion and we would "mostly" be happier

The next image was popular with the Wildlife Trusts and was tweeted to 100K followers.  My theme was searching for 30 Days Wild which they ask everyone to take part in June every year. I was in the New Forest for this piccie.

I sometimes lead small group guided rides for Sustrans in South Devon.  My image below was a group ride that I led on Dartmoor.

Of course Dartmoor can be bleak.  Why else was a jail built there?  It did not put this Sustrans cyclist off

The NCN takes you to some iconic places. I often use it for my tours in the UK and Ireland. Taken last year, this is my buddy, Andy, also a volunteer, in the Black Mountains

This image was taken last month at the Sustainable Travel Fair in Ivybridge. It is Gary Streeter, our MP, checking out an e-mountain bike. This is his blog for the Fair and I am wondering if he will become a convert?

If on tour, many of the best scenic journeys can be off-road. There is nothing wrong with some mud or hard tracks, just bring a tough bike with good tyres. This is my buddy, Dagmar, from Germany setting off for the Pyrenees earlier this year.

And finally, every journey must have its high point.  Here is mine in 2016

If you would like to join a mini adventure in deepest South Devon in 2017, please keep watching this website