Sunday, 21 November 2010


Autumn is a great time of year to be out on the bike in Devon. It is also a great time to see wildlife. Keeping on the tracks and minor roads in Devon often gives wildlife sightings and the autumn colours are to be savoured. Three weeks ago, I was on a circular tour of the county with two friends when we encountered a white deer on the road in front of us. This is very rare indeed. It stared at us in disbelief that we had spoilt its tranquility, then ran off. My buddy, Bill, also saw it. It was on a minor road between Hatherleigh and Sheepwash. The film clip is another from our recent bike ride near Ivybridge which I filmed in my last blog.

The evenings are longer in Devon than in other parts of the country and the cold winter days have not yet set in, so we are lucky down here. I have a new cycling buddy who wanted to see my part of Dartmoor and we went out two weeks ago. Her legs wobbled a bit from the hills at the end of our journey, but she said that it was an A1 ride. A kingfisher frequents the pond just outside our house at the moment.

I am now thinking ahead for big rides next year. Three of us are to cycle the North Country C2C, probably in May. Sometime in the future, I would like to cycle in Ireland and visit Scotland again. Another that appeals is Sweden where more cycle friendly rides are opening up. I also want to continue to raise the relevance and importance of wildlife to our society. My local Wildlife Trust in Devon makes an enormous contribution on a national scale. Please keep following.

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