Monday, 13 June 2011


We have now completed half of our cycle journey from Santander in Spain to Roscoff in Brittany. Our distance so far is 375 miles. From Biarritz going north we followed cycle paths through forests some of which were easy going and some where the trail dissappeared into sand and bad ground.

The coastline away from the towns is stunning with long sandy beaches, a surfer's paradise. I think that it will amazingly busy here during high summer but now it is quiet and easy going.

The sunset last night was outstanding at Soulac Sur Mer.

This part of France is ideal for cycling but further south, there was much heavy traffic. We spent a night in Biarritz and this came as a surprise. I imagined the faded glory from 40 years ago when it was a popular destination. Today, it has a bustling old town centre and excellent beaches. I was impressed.

We now head north towards La Rochelle.

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  1. Hi dad
    How are you doing? Sounds like you are having a good journey. Has the weather cleared up for you? I like you previous entry to this. When we drove from Santandar to the Ariege we passed some of the same place. We were hoping to visit the goocenheim museam (I dont think i spelled that right) but we didnt go in the end and looks like we missed out!!
    Anyhow, Im in egypt now and its hot, sunny and windy which is fab! I have kited for a coupe of days solid which means my arms are aching as are my tummy muscles and now Im mixing up doing some work in the morning and kiting in the afternoon! My guests arrive next week!!
    Keep up the blogging and I shall keep my eye out.
    me xxx