Sunday, 8 April 2012


I have set myself a new challenge.  Every 2 years I need to challenge myself to do something new that I have never done before.  It is usually on a bike but not always so.  In 2010, I cycled 3,762 miles on The North Sea Cycle Route.  In 2008, it was Le Jog.  Previously I cycled in Mongolia, trekked across the Andes and there have been others.

For 2012, it is to beat my biggest one day cycle ride.  My current best is 122 miles across Snowdonia made three years ago.  I have set myself two targets and these are:

        127 Miles on 7 July from Stafford to Llandudno with Stafford Balti Bike Club, and

         150 Miles on 10 June from Ivybridge (Devon) to as far north of Bristol as possible.

These journeys will all be on minor roads and I prefer to use the National Cycle Network where possible.  This means great scenery and little traffic but many hills. 

I want to raise money for a special charity and have already been given £100 to it even though I have not told anyone about the challenge yet!  I support charities that promote healthy lifestyles because for me they contribute so much to society. 

Keep pedalling.


  1. Hi Graham.

    127 then 150! Next time we ride together I'm using my motorbike!



  2. Hi Andy, I know what you mean! I've moved to Cumbria to have strong enough reason to not have to keep up with that! Dad told me yesterday however that you are cycling up to Morecombe to say hello! Im worried he is going to ask me to cycle back with him!