Sunday, 3 June 2012


It is only one week to go before I attempt my longest one day cycle challenge. The date is set at 10 June 2012.

I have done lots of cycling and been to many places on my bike but never before have I tried 150 miles in a day.  I am finding that this is a daunting but very exciting challenge that I must do.

The journey starts in Ivybridge, Devon with a 15% hill outside my house so there is no time for a gentle warm up.  The end, legs permitting, is close to Slimbridge in Gloucestershire.

Using minor roads unless major roads are unavoidable, the route will often follow the National Cycle Network (NCN).  I will cycle the southern fringes of Dartmoor through Ashburton to Exeter which includes a long climb across Haldon Hill.  At Tiverton, I join the NCN and head to Taunton.  This also looks hilly in places but after Taunton there could be a good length of easier cycling to Bridgwater, Axton and Clevedon.  Entering Bristol, there is a cycle path alongside the M5 across the Avonmouth Bridge.  This is very high and windy on a bike.  There is continuous NCN from the bridge to Slimbridge as the last section winds its way north close to the River Severn.  Apart from the industrial parts of Bristol that I will go through, I have high hopes of a delightful scenic journey............... unless my legs give out or I collapse from exhaustion thus never seeing it.

The bike is my Trek X0.  This is my trusty cyclocross converted to touring.  It is no lightweight racer but it is strong and rugged.  It has now done 15,000 miles and never let me down on important rides.  I will carry food and drink with me making stops on route to replenish.

Am I prepared?................  I am doing all my training and have taken tips on food and drink.  My bike and legs do not permit high speeds.  Like this morning when I was out and overtaken by two navy guys going twice my speed, I get frustrated when I see others who I feel are much better than me.  I just believe that it is always important to challenge yourself.

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