Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Three days riding with Pedal On UK was both a privilege and fun. It was fun because it was I like doing best and that is going on a cycle tour. I was one of a group of 17 Sustrans volunteers who cycled from Newton Abbot via Exe Valley Trail, Sidmouth, Blackdown Hills, Somerset Levels, Wells to Bath and Bristol.  The story is told on Pedal On UK Tumblr.
I was one of the Ride Reporters and my highlights were wide and varied. For me, these were special:
a) We cycled many miles on dedicated cycle/walking paths. These were hugely popular. There were families with young children, older people, disabled people and those who simply enjoyed being out in the countryside in a traffic free environment. The story that had most meaning were the Appleton and Miller families near Chard on the Stopline Way. Grandparents, their children and grandchildren all enjoyed the route. But one child was disabled and the smile on her face was a treat to see. These dedicated paths are genuinely cycling for everyone.
b) Sustrans commissions artwork on all its routes. All tell a story about the local area. Can you see Brunel hiding behind us in the image above?
c) I learned some new IT skills with a new phone that downloaded my stories straight on the website.
d) Last Dr Dawn Harper allowed me to take her picture as seen on the website. She was very friendly and genuinely supportive of Sustrans work.

So, where next? I am off to the Hebrides in October to enjoy fantastic scenery, outstanding wildlife and ride a few miles

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