Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Last year, my friend Dagmar took me on a journey from Bodensee in Southern Germany to Avignon in France. Dagmar plotted the route and all I had to do was to be a cycling companion. We started by heading into the Swiss Jura, a mountainous area with dark woods, beautiful wild flower meadows, granite plateaus and humble villages. We cycled into Geneva, a city that needs a huge leap of faith when on a bike. Grenoble which came next was much friendlier to cyclists. What followed was lot of climbing through the French Alps, some magnificent downhill descents and viewing a back drop of jagged mountains that was simply extraordinary. The lush countryside full of vineyards and sleepy looking villages brought us to our destination of Avignon.

On 23 April, we meet up again in Avignon to resume our trip. This time we cycle to Barcelona and as before Dagmar has planned the journey.  This is the route and I am hoping for lots more stunning scenery.

We start by cycling through more of Provence, an easy ride to get the legs moving. I am hoping not to find bears that live in the Pyrenees but I do want to experience inland Spain and find out what it has to offer.


  1. Hi, I have recently started cycling again and am preparing for the Dartmoor Classic. I stumbled across your Blog and it is fantastic. I have signed up to follow it as long as you don't mind. I also live in the South Hams and I agree that it is a lovely place to cycle.

  2. Hi Dickie. Thanks for the follow. South Hams and Dartmoor are ace places to cycle. The ride to Barcelona is new territory for me and I am very much looking forward to it. Good luck in the Dartmoor Classic