Sunday, 7 September 2014


CAFES, BOOK SHOPS, Hereford cattle, sheep, cider orchards and hop fields as well as good cycling are here.

I am in north Herefordshire on the borders with Shropshire and Powis. The Mortimers were feudal English lords who regularly fought the Welsh in the Middle Ages. Previously King Arthur is reputed to have had clandestine liasons with Guinevere nearby. Today it is "The Quietest Land under the Sun" according to Housman and this image gives an idea of the laid back atmosphere I found.

My route took me from Leintwardine to Bucknell, Brampton Bryan and Lingen on easy quiet roads with well cared villages. Red kites flew in the sky and pheasants scampered in front of me. All around were rolling hills, ancient woods and water meadows. A lady appeared on her bike with bright yellow panniers. "I am on a shopping trip" she said but I could not quite tell where the shops might be.

My route took me for a brief foray across the Welsh border into Presteigne where I turned up into the hills past Stapleton Castle and back to Lingen. I met several cyclists of all ages and very few cars. It makes me think that I would like to do another longer trip here.

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