Thursday, 11 June 2015


This was our journey plan, thanks to Dagmar's excellent device

These are some vital statistics:

> We succeeded in visiting every country in the British Isles
> Distance: 788 miles
> Punctures: None
> Repairs: None
> Best scenic day: Sligo - Donegal (The North West Trail)
> Most memorable stop: Horseleap with 1916 tandem bicycle
> Best day viewing wildlife: Isle of Arran
> Best town/city: Londonderry
> Any bad moments? Arrival in Ballemena with heavy traffic, heavy rain and no cycle routes
> Favourite overnight stop: The Whitehall Inn, Llandovery
> Route planning in England, Scotland and Wales? We used the National Cycle network mostly
> Route planning in Ireland? We used Dagmar's excellent cycle route app with Ireland map
> Quality of cycle routes? These were definately very good but occasionally had to use main road

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