Monday, 6 July 2015


I have spent a few days cycling around Westport in Co Mayo. To say that the scenery here is spectacular is an understatement.  Dramatic remote hills surround this area that sometimes drop into coastal plains before meeting the sea. In others, the hills just drop into the sea. The coast can be angry with rocky shores but in others there are stunning unspoilt sandy beaches, some with machair grassland growing out of the sand dunes. Along with this are friendly local people who always ask "How are you?" and expect a chat. Here old Ireland meets the new.  The local council are creating some excellent cycle networks.
It does not take much for me to get on my bike to explore areas like this and these are a few images on my daily travels

A sense of old Ireland

A sense of style from a Mayo lady

Westport Town Centre

A family adventure to Achill Island
The road to the Mweel Rea Mountains and Carrickwee Strand
Arrival at Carrickwee Strand and end of the road. Must cycle back now.
I found it hard to find much on websites but the local Ordnance Survey maps are excellent.  This is the website for Cycling around Westport.  It will also be on  Eurovelo 1 if you are touring.  I have come across several touring cyclists from Holland, Germany and USA. Most day cyclists seem to be Irish. I even met a guy at the start of a 2 year adventure. He comes from Denver, USA but started his bike ride in Dublin. He plans to cycle to Tokyo.
The weather while I have been here has been 20 degrees C and mostly sun. However there is often rain but you can see it coming so it is not a surprise. The wind can whip up into a frenzy, then disappear.  If it is behind you, peddling is a dream.  I cycled approx 200 miles locally.

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