Monday, 12 October 2015


The day's are shortening and shadows getting longer but the sun keeps shining.  It feels slightly surreal.  Autumn colours have been in full swing as I move into mid-west Wales.  I had a close call with a squirrel yesterday.  The squirrel saw me coming and in its panic ran straight at my front wheel.  I braked hard and the squirrel ran under my front tyre.  This happened once before when a squirrel ran into the wheel, got caught in the spokes, to which the bike stopped dead and I went over the top.  When I recovered, the front forks were bent in the opposite direction.  These are a few images seen with my bike:

This cyclist seems out of place in Dolgellau

Views from cycle route NCN8 around Dolgellau

I enjoy cycling on the National Cycle Network because of the stunning choice of routes and low volumes of car traffic.  Many of these routes are traffic free such as around Cadair Idris and many are challenging rides such as NCN8.  There is always time to stop to take photographs and immerse yourself in the area.  The next are images on the Ystwyth Trail (NCN82) further south:

My rides in Wales can be found on maps supplied by Sustrans Shop.  I will be back in Wales next year searching for new routes

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