Sunday, 15 November 2015


In 2015, my ambition was to cycle in all five countries of the British Isles.  These are a few of my experiences in each of the countries seen from the saddle.

If happiness is the score, England is right up there.  These are images from PCyC Retro Ride on 12 September

In Wales, my nephew Gareth and I meet two Australians on a very long tour

Wales has the most laid back dogs anywhere.  This is my German friend, Dagmar.

In Ireland, it is the way of life that entrances me.  This is Castlebar.

This is MacCarthy's Bar

As Dagmar and I left Eire to cycle into Northern Ireland, we discovered the magical North West Trail, a sheer delight in Sligo, Donegal and Fermanagh.  I must cycle this route again

With Dagmar, I discover the beautiful Antrim coast

Our trip into Scotland was too brief.  We cycled the Isle of Arran which is said to be Scotland in miniature

Glasgow was my final destination in Scotland and this journey too finished with a smile

There is something for everyone on a bike in the British Isles.  There are towering hills, epic scenery, wildlife seen from the saddle, long distance easy trails and always interesting people. 2015 is not finished yet and I will be out on my bike in South Devon

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