Saturday, 9 January 2016


This year I plan to use my bike rides to celebrate wild places.  For me, there is always a thrill with wild places.  It is not difficult to find rugged scenery, woodlands with huge trees, fast flowing rivers and the coast when on a bike.  I enjoy cycling on a new route and discovering what is round the next corner. Despite what seems to be rampant development, there remains a sense of timelessness in many of our landscapes, towns and villages.  This year will be a journey of discovery.

In this country I will mostly use the National Cycle Network and I am planning a trip into Europe.  I hope that you will follow my travels and be tempted to enjoy the great outdoors on a bike.  Why not follow me on twitter


  1. I will be following you Graham. Where will you go in Europe? Best wishes. Mary B.

  2. I am planning to start at Carcassonne in southern France where unfortunately my ride in 2014 was cut short. It will be with my German friend, Dagmar who I first met on the North Sea Cycle route in 2010. Apart from 2011, we have met up each year since and take it in turns to choose a route. This year it is Dagmar's turn to choose. Best wishes Graham