Sunday, 28 February 2016


My senses were moving from winter into spring on my first bike tour for 2016. My friend, Jaana, who I try to meet up with each year, joined me. My limbs were sluggish as we left the train station to cycle into the city centre. But, what's this? There were cyclists everywhere. I knew about the university. I also knew about punting on the River Cam. I did not know that lots of people had ditched their cars, abandoned the buses and chosen bikes. I have never seen so many bikes since I was in the Netherlands 6 years ago.

Bikes seemed to outnumber cars. People were punting too

Our route was 140 miles and took us along NCN11 through Ely to Kings Lynn, thereafter we followed NCN1 through Wells to Norwich.  Here are some images

I still prefer hard copy to electronic mapping as I never get lost and it is far easier to plan ahead. This is the link for my route on this journey.

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