Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I am now back in England having cycled with Dagmar for the last eight days. My adventure has continued but the story is not over. I have twice been asked to cycle the Route a second time as nobody has done that before.
I booked my ticket with Stena Line Ferries to Harwich and Stena laid on a special treat for Dagma and myself. We were given a complimentary three course dinner in their luxury restaurant. Thank you very much Stena Line. This was a very nice gesture from this company. It is not often large companies make welcome gestures like this. The meal was delicious too

We ended our dyke riding and I cycled as close to the water's edge as possible. I have ridden 100's of miles along dykes and I have come to like these man made features which nature has responded to so magnificently. The last part of the journey was through sand dunes and for a moment I thought that I was back in Denmark. I love taking photos while on my bike in the setting sun.
Sylvia met us at Harwich and we went back to the start to celebrate with some champagne. Badger joined in. Badger has never been on a ferry or been abroad before. He has learned lots of things. He has seen ostriches and windmills. He is a minor celebrity in Norway. He can cope with the cold, rain, wind and the sun.

And..........................Badger travels again! I might not be going a second time around but Badger is. He has joined Dagma and is doing the adventure all over again. We both had to ask him. He will be going to live beside Lake Constance when his journey is over. Unless, of course, but then a third time may be too much.

As for my adventure, my story is not over so please keep watching.


  1. Hello Graham,
    Congratulations and well done. Although it is good to be back home again it will feel very strange not to go off in the morning on your bike. I have enjoyed your blog and felt at times I was riding again. With regards to cycling the nscr again, it has been done. Chris Heymans the originator of the route has cycled the round twice. And to top that, Kjell Frydenlund has done 3 rounds! You can see that on the 'I did it' page of the nscr website. We have cycled parts of it twice, namely england and scotland.
    Well, what's next? You will think of something. There is of course 'The Green Round of Ireland'...
    Best wishes,
    Mary Blanche

  2. Congratulations Graham though I'm surprised you didn't press on and join the Tour de France!

    Best wishes

    Chris Parker

  3. And Badger loves it! Mostly than he now has a view forward and he can see all the things ahead ;-)

  4. Well done are brilliant and super fit!! I'm so excited for badger aswell (o: xxx

  5. way to go dad! hope you are settling back home ok! Dont think cycling the nscr again is the answer (and defo not 4 times), but im sure there is a new challenge for you and mum and cant wait to hear what!! Well done! The best accomplishment yet!! Love you lots xxx