Sunday, 11 July 2010


I want to go back to the Shetlands. It must be one of the most windswept yet romantic places on this planet. I want to stay with Mr and Mrs Sutherland in Gruting again. They are warm hearted Shetland folk who love their islands and have a warm but practical understanding of wildlife. Next time, I would like to go with my wife. The bike will be left at home

Hey, Mary. I love your comments and thank you for them. The two people who said I should do the route again intended that I just carry on, none stop so to speak. Has that been done before? Now Ireland, I was thinking just the same thing. It has to be something different though. Did you know that someone gave themselves a challenge to hitchhike around Ireland in one month carrying a fridge? A local radio station found out and the Irish were on the lookout for him to give him a lift.
Here are some facts from my journey;
a) Distance: 3,762 miles (6,019km)
b) Time: 72 days, including 4.5 rest days
c) Nos of ferries: 22
d) Most distance in one day: 87 miles (139km), twice
e) Most hill climbing in one day: 3,600ft (1,100m), approx (Hauge - Kvinesdal, Norway)
f) Type of cycle tracks: varied. 1. Much riding on quiet country roads, 2. Many dedicated cycle paths, suitable for families, except Britain, 3. Some gravel tracks in forests and along the coast in all countries, 4. Some challenging mountain bike trails in Norway.
g) Bike breakdowns: None
h) Punctures: None
i) Tyre replacements: 1
j) Type of bike: Trek Model X1
I have undertaken this as a charity challenge. If you would like to find out if I have met this challenge, there is a separate website at Please have a look. If you like it and have not already donated, may I ask you to make a donation.


  1. I like your facts dad ....22 ferries and no punctures!!! Good going....I liked Shetland too...Mum you have to go (o:


  2. Hi Graham, I was riding the Trans Am in 2010 whilst you were doing the North Sea Route, hope to do it myself sometime so I'll book mark your Blog and have a read through it. Looks interesting! My blogs here
    Regards Stuart