Sunday, 28 July 2013


Milnethorpe Sands are in Cumbria. My younger daughter, Jo whose second sport is cycling took me here. She wanted to show me where she broke her leg earlier this year. "Why do we want to go there?" I asked. "Because it is a beautiful bike ride" she replied.
When we arrived, she pointed out into the estuary. "It was there" she said "about a quarter mile out. I was kite surfing, misread the shallows and flipped over." I think that it is called a wipeout in kite surfing circles. Apparently she dragged herself back to shore, went into recovery mode and is now better.
Jo kite surfs the world and had just come back from Puerto Rico where she had been taking a kite surfing course. Jo has a website for medium and advanced courses. She does not normally have accidents.
We finished with cakes and coffee.

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