Saturday, 23 May 2015


The good thing about arriving by ferry on a bike in Ireland is that you are allowed off first. However having peddled through passport control and starting to climb a hill up into the town centre, I realised that we were being followed by a line of articulated lorries and approx 200 cars. I peddled as fast as I could which was not fast and, at the top where the road widened, the ferry load of vehicles breathed huge sighs of relief as they overtook us.

In the morning, we cycled 25 miles to end our journey in Wales. The coastline was stunning and Tenby, while busy with holidaymakers, was bright and cheerful. We took a wrong turn in Pembroke but realised quite quickly and returned to cycle around a rather grand castle.

We both sampled our first pints of Guinness tonight and for food Dagmar had cod and chips while I had a steak, both at similar prices. Tomorrow we follow a cycle route to Wexford and towards Carlow

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