Monday, 25 May 2015


Today we cycled up the centre of Ireland not normally visited by people on holiday.  I wanted to see what was left of old Ireland and these are a few pictures that I found.
Despite the presence of supermarkets, there are still plenty of traditional shops
Most of the old crofts have disappeared and been replaced by modern homes but a few still exist
There are still a small number with thatched roofs but these appear to be homes from the past
Farming is highly mechanised but there are still reminders of the past as with this working farm
Dagmar and I have a slow break. My milk drink is past its sell-by date and I have to throw it away. You cannot see them in this image but there are lots of ladybirds on the fence behind

We arrive at a railway crossing
No train comes for 10 minutes and Dagmar gets bored
When the train comes, it is going so fast that I almost miss the photo
The ride was almost flat, however I have never seen so many dogs. Almost all were in rural properties and regarded us as fair game, barking loudly. Most but not all were behind fences and, judging by the fierceness of barking, were angry with their owners from not allowing them to chase us.  However a few were not behind fences.  These were mostly small white terriers and they ran up to us in obvious anger for invading their territories. Dagmar and I learned how to become adept, firstly by saying "Good boy" or "Good girl", then swerving quickly and pedalling fast. None of these got us. However..........appearing ahead was an open gate with a sign saying "Beware, Guard Dogs". Now, I like dogs but this looked particularly dodgy. As we passed the opening, there came a ferocious barking and 2 large dogs came running. "Oh no", I groaned "I am not sure if we can outrun these". Fortunately these dogs were thick. They did not spot the open gate and bounded towards a fence which they could not get through. "Phew" I am writing this blog and not nursing any wound from dogs who hate bikes.
Today we cycled 56 miles and tomorrow we decide what route we must take

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