Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Dagmar and I made the decision to cycle on to Sligo. We were not sure if we have enough time but Sligo seems to good a place not to miss. Our journey took us on more quiet lanes to Longford where reluctantly we joined the main road. These are a few more views of old Ireland that we find today.
The fields are full of cattle and horses
Peat is still being cut.
We enjoy this house at Horseleap 16km north of Tullamore
We are sad to see this old chapel and graveyard near Moydow, about 10km south of Longford
Our most engaged moment of the day was with this gentleman at Horseleap
I ask him about his bike.
Him "I bought it 2 days ago and I thought it was made in 1920. I was since told it was 1916. I have had new tyres fitted. Do you like it?"
Me "It is in original condition with saddles and baby seat"
Him "Are you from England?"
Me "I am, but my friend is from Germany"
Him "I am going to England next week. It is to Appleby Horse Fair"
Me "There are more hills in Appleby than here. Do you like horses or bicycles best?"
Him (big think) "I have a collection of old bikes, tractors and motor cycles. I like bicycles best. Have a look inside my workshop but you must come back another time to see the rest"
We met a younger man next door. "Where are you heading?" he asks. "Sligo". "I tried a bike recently" he said, "I cycled 4 miles to Mullingar really quickly but, when I arrived, my legs were like jelly".
We have coffees in the next bar. An elderly man was the only other customer and he came by bike and was also drinking coffee. "He has given up Guinness", says the barman. "We found him under a car and he blames the Guinness so only drinks coffee now".
We had more dog encounters today. One almost got me but I shouted very loud and it ran off
Today, we cycled 55 miles but this includes 5 miles to find dinner

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