Saturday, 28 May 2016


We asked for sandwiches for lunch today and were given gargantuan fresh baked rolls each half metre long filled with bacon. This was food for lumberjacks and into the bar walked a man with muscles that oozed strength. It looked like we were eating his snack. As usual, the cafe was on top of a hill in the old centre and this time we were at Vidangoz, a little village not on tourist trails. The cafe looked like a house but the bar was full with locals talking away.
We cycled 90 miles over the last two days and climbed 2,400m over hills that just kept coming. The bike continued to go well but the brakes were squealing on the downhills.  I could not see anything wrong with them but kept my speed down just in case.
We arrived at our destination, Jaurrieta, to find a bike race in progress. It was the Vuelta a Navarra.

This started at 1pm and the riders had covered 125km by the time we saw them at 5.30pm. Tomorrow, a mountain bike event starts here.
On route, Dagmar encountered some cattle and we found a street market in Jaca's old town selling plants

We have two full days left on this tour and, when done, we will have cycled Coast to Coast from the Med to the Atlantic through the Pyrenees. We have already started planning our tour for 2017.

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