Thursday, 26 May 2016


We left Tamarite de Litera 3 days ago and are now in Sabinanigo. On route, we spent two nights at Ainsa, a pretty town on the south edge of the Pyrenees. We followed a farm trail out of Tamarite through poppy fields.

The problem with this was that our average speed was just 8mph.  After 5 miles, we joined a tarmac road and headed north. The road was very quiet and the hills started to reappear. After 2 hours, it was time for coffee and we discovered the best coffee stops were always at cafes in the old part of towns.  In Aragon, the old part is always on top of a steep hill. This morning a stork looked down at us from its nest in the church tower.

I tried to photograph the stork flying but failed. Our route back down to the road was so steep, we had to walk. When we met the road, a shepherd was leading his flock of sheep. They were so well behaved and I was very impressed. In Britain, dogs would be needed to keep control but not here as they just followed.

We met two German motorcyclists at lunch and fell into amicable conversation about the open road. Somehow being British with three German people felt very normal and I enjoyed the experience. After 3 miles, my bike reaches 30,000 miles. Dagmar and I wanted to celebrate with champagne but we only had water.
We cycled 54 miles to Ainsa and, as usual here, the old town was on top of a steep hill. We met the German motorcyclists again.
We stayed two nights in Ainsa and Dagmar found the most amazing circular route. Let me set the scene? there was one hill 22 miles long that almost reached the snow line. The was one hill back 31 miles long. One hill in Britain does not take long.  Here, it might take 3 hours to climb it. This one was through one of the most stunning gorges that I have ever seen.

At the top of the 22 mile hill, we hope to find a cafe in the village but there was none.  Instead a local person offered us a cigarillo and told us that sport is good for you. We enjoyed a break in the tiny square

Today, we cycled 51 miles from Ainsa to Sabinanigo.. We crossed a coll at 1,291m and continued to marvel at the wildlife.

Every day, I enjoy the wildlife. The flowers are everywhere and very beautiful. Everyday, we hear a cuckoo and most days we see vultures. Birds sing all the time and strange looking butterflies flutter in front of us. Surely this is what cycle touring is all about?

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  1. 30,000 miles!! That's crazy!!! 30,000!!!! Where will the next 10,000 see you go I wonder!!