Sunday, 29 May 2016


This was our penultimate day in the Pyrenees. We cycled 54 miles, climbed 1,280m and dropped over 2,000m. We could no longer see the snow line and our route included one of the harder climbs.
We departed from Jaurrieta before the mountain bike event started but there were some early arrivals for the juniors.

Our route today crossed two trails and we stopped to talk to some interesting people. Better known is Camino de Santiago, the Pilgrim's Trail. The other is European Cycle Route EV 1
We saw many pilgrims walking the trail and this man was from the USA.

A Pilgrim's Pension is behind and I liked the boots hanging from the balcony. We spoke to others from Germany and the USA. It seemed that all were hiking 800km over 5 to 8 weeks. We saw many cyclists also, mostly road bikers but there were some long distance tourers. This couple were German and were cycling EV 1 from Faro in Portugal to Bordeaux.  They said that they had experienced many hills. I thought that we had too.  In fact I could not remember any flat cycling

This coll, although lower, experienced a tough climb and massive descent. The low level countryside was in many ways comparable to Dartmoor with its rushing streams, steep slopes and woodland. However on the north side, the architecture was completely different to what we have seen before

This journey continues to be an uplifting experience and the regular protests from the legs are kept in check by many coffee breaks and soothing words.  This is Dagmar's blog and also my twitter

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