Monday, 23 May 2016


My bike continues to purr along on this trip. Today a dark shadow moved across in front of me.  I stopped.  I looked up to see a vulture flying low.  Higher in the sky flying gracefully was a stork, all shimmering white in the sun with its long neck outstretched in front.  More vultures were gently gliding above us.
I was on a long straight road that stretched almost far as my eye could see. The scenery continued to be magnificent but my mind wanders on roads like this and I became conscious of a deep drainage gully beside me. I would do serious damage to myself if I carelessly moved to my right. My attention is grabbed by a motorist going in the other direction who waves cheerfully as if encouraging me on. He did not wave at Dagmar who was a long way ahead. This was probably because his girl friend in the car would have given him a smack.
This was not the only motorist who has given signs of encouragement.  Three times motor cyclists have raised their hands as if saying "respect". Riding bicycles and motorbikes share a common theme with love of the fresh air on the road. I just happen to think bicycles are best.
We cycled 55 miles today into Aragon and our destination was Tamarite de Litera. Here are a few images of today's journey

This is the long straight road with few cars and Dagmar is just a dot in the distance

Dagmar's navigation skills are excellent on this trip and her device which she calls "her little lady" is very accurate. Tomorrow I will sit in my saddle being guided by the "little lady" and at lunchtime I will watch my bike's odometer click to 30,000 miles.

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