Friday, 20 May 2016


We are now in La Seu d'Urgell cycling west from Perpignan to Hendaye. We have cycled 99 miles, climbed 2,800m and summited 5 colls in the last two days. We have been over a mile high and passed the magnificent Pedroforca

This stands at 2,506m high and has two parallel ridges. It is reported  to be one of the emblematic mountains of Catalonia and enjoyed by hikers and rock climbers.  Our highest altitude was at Coll de Josa at 1,620m.

We have found ourselves high in the Pyrenees. The weather is now sunny and our very wet day is almost forgotten.  My bike is purring away much like a cat who has enjoyed a juicy mouse for breakfast.  My legs are gaining strength while Dagmar who trains in the Alps has a fitness that I have not seen on our previous trips.

There have few cars on these roads and, apart from tyre noise, the sounds have been birdsong and cow bells.  In fact, sheep and goats all have bells and there are frequent ting a lings all day.  We come across a shepherd with a very long beard and 3 dogs. We greet by saying "Ola" but I know no Spanish so no conversations follow.  Dagmar can speak a little and I am easily impressed.  These are some scenic views

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