Monday, 17 May 2010


I have reached John O Groats and this means I have completed one third of my challenge. It is 1,230 miles so far and 2,400 miles to go. I am taking two days as a rest break and Sandie my older daughter joins me on Wednesday. We then travel to Orkney and Shetland. I am cycling to raise money for my local Wildlife Trust. Just a quick reminder for anyone who I can persuade to donate. It is easy to donate online, just go to

It is so important to support wildlife these days. Kate Humble on the BBC gave her reasons this morning on primetime TV. An important body representing landowners, the CLA, have just officially announced the same. If you are following my journey, can I ask you to do the same. Wildlife is fun and exciting and vital for our wellbeing.
This journey is fun and exciting. Scotland's top end is remote, rugged, full of lochs and open moorland and the coast has the most spectacular beaches. Oh and cuckoos have been singing their hearts out.

My family take precedence today. My daughter, Jo, sent me to spy out potential kite surfing beaches. She is a coach for medium and advanced kite surfers. I have suggested Dunnet Bay but Thurso looks good as well. Sylvia, my wife, sent me to the Castle of Mey to take photographs for an audio visual project she is doing. This was HRH the Queen Mother's home and is the only royal home where the family chose their own furniture.


  1. Hi Graham

    I will look out for you en route - I will try and get to a computer and let you know when we are getting close to each other - I would think somewhere between Morth Denmark and Gothenberg!!

    Happy cycling


  2. That's great news Graham, well done, following your journey on your blog, hope all's well



  3. great mission dad, thanks xxx