Sunday, 2 May 2010


My entry into Yorkshire was through Hull and this proved to be incomprehensible to this cyclist. However my disappointment was short lived. I decided Yorkshire is a county than deserves a longer visit and that I will come back again. The route went through Beverley with its magnificent churches and town centre and onto York.

Route 66 is the Trans Pennine Way where Badger and I both thought that we were going in the wrong direction but it is correct.

If I stopped in York, I decided it would be for two days so I kept going. Greg, if you are reading this blog, I reached my destination ok. After York, I cycled to Thirsk, a beautiful town, but the Council should do something about the cars. Next was cycling aroung the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors and to Hartburn where I stayed overnight with Margaret and John, both delightful hosts.

My mileage to date is 492 and I am a day ahead of schedule.

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  1. Looks like badger and wilson are riding along well! Am practising hard ready to catch you in Aberdeen!!