Wednesday, 5 May 2010


My journey today followed the valley of the River Tweed to Innerleithen. The beautiful rolling hills of the Scottish Borders beckoned.

This is a land of castles. Perhaps the most beautiful is at Bamburgh. Grace Darling came from Bamburgh and on 7 September 1838, she with her dad rescued 9 survivors from SS Forfarshire by rowing out to them in a small open boat. She became a national hero.

Further on, for the benefit of us who live down South, Berwick on Tweed is definately in England and has been so since 1482. Prior to this, it changed hands with Scotland 14 times.

Most of my overnight stays have been good and here is a second one that deserves special mention - . It is 4 miles from Berwick

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  1. Hi Graham and Badger!

    It sounds like you are making really good progress and enjoying yourself. We're all following your posts back here at HQ. Safe trip across to Norway.

    Best Wishes
    Everyone at Devon Wildlife Trust