Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Sandie and I arrived on the Shetland Isles on Sunday morning.
Our first view of Lerwick was thick fog so we cycled for an hour unable to see anything. This was rectified for the next two days with some strong winds that enabled us to see the islands wonderfully. They are full of remote hills, moorland, lochs and tiny villages. The coastline is rugged and there are lots of small islands. This is Simon King country who spent much of last year here for the BBC filming otters and killer whales.

The people we met were extremely friendly and we were taken on a tour of otter haunts. We cycled 96 miles around the coast. Our most Northerly point was reached at Sullom Voe and in the South it was Sumburgh. We saw lots of seals and Shetland ponies but sadly no otters or killer whales.

A new industry farming mussels has been formed. This has proved a great hit for the eider ducks who dive down to perhaps 4 metres and help themselves to this easy source of food. Needless to say the farmers are not too happy.

Sandie left yesterday while this morning I cycled to Sumburgh Airport for my flight to Bergen. I had the novel experience of cycling across the main runway to reach the terminal building. There were traffic lights in case a plane was coming.

I have now arrived in Bergen. I have now completed 1,522 miles of my journey.


  1. Dad!!....
    I can get to New Zealand quicker than it took me to go from Lerwick to Portland!!
    It was lovely to join in on your adventure... have a lovely time and I look forward to hearing more of your tales...

  2. It seems a bit extreme to devise this excuse to get to Norway for the Eurovision song contest - it's on the telly you know! Anyway congratulations and well done Graham.

    Best wishes

    Chris Parker