Friday, 18 June 2010


This is Grenen, Denmark's most Northerley point. Look straight ahead and it is Norway, look left and it is Scotland, look right and it is Sweden. I have cycled in all these places on this trip

Here is the latest must have toy. These two guys were zapping around Skagen. Apparantly it is legal to do 24kph. Why do they not fall off? It would do wonders for Plymouth city traffic if all the commutors had one of these.

This must be the tiniest bunkhouse in the World. Just imagine having got hammered at the BarBQ and you wanted to sleep it off'. Each time you wake up in the middle of the night, your headache only gets worse.

And now for the lighthouse buried in sand. This was built and nobody thought about shifting sands. The surrounding buildings are completely buried and this is half buried. I can understand the problem. When I arrived, there was a gale from the West and sand was blowing everywhere. It was too dangerous to get close

And finally, here is a Hans Christian Anderson story. Hans loved to visit Skagen but in his day it was a hazardous long journey. Skagen is famous for its artists and they have been there since 1870. They loved to paint fishermen's cottages, nature and themselves. Hans stayed at Skagen's only hotel. On one visit, he was very irritable after his journey and demanded fresh fish for dinner. There were none and Hans was very angry. The hotelier sent a maid to the harbour to buy a fresh fish but she was delayed because she chatted to a friend. Hans now lost his temper completely. The hotelier's wife came to placate him but she was heavily pregnant. However his anger was so much that she gave birth immediately. The fish appeared, Hans apologised and the baby was Anna Anchor who would become one of Denmark's most famous painters.

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  1. Hi Dad
    Enjoyed this post! You would definitely get several hangovers waking up in that toy bunker. Am in Egypt ha inga good time. We are getting up bright and early to do some fitness training before breaky then hitting the beach for some kitesurfing! Cool that you saw some kitesurfers in sweden!
    Keep on pedalling! x