Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I have now almost finished my journey in Denmark. I could have crossed the border into Germany this evening but decided I wanted one more night in this lovely country, so I am in Hoger. I was not sure what to expect here. All I knew was that it is flat. I have cycled along sand dunes, on forest trails, over open moorland and alongside extensive wetlands that are of international importance both for breeding birds and migratory birds. I have met some delightful people on the way. Here is a picture on my journey that can only be cycled at low tide and when the sea is not rough

The next picture brings on a slightly serious point. It shows some wind turbines beside one of the wetlands. There were a huge number of birds here. On one occasion a wading bird (species not known to me) flew alongside me so close that I could almost put my hand out and touch it. The serious point concerns wind turbines. There are many here in Denmark. It is easy to see them on this flat landscape. The question is whether they detract from the landscape and nature. This is a big issue in the UK at the moment. Part of the reason that I am doing this website is to highlight the importance of wildlife to our daily lives

What do you think? An issue that I think is an outrage at the moment is the oil spillage in the USA. I think directors of all oil companies should be sent on compulsory training about the damage they can inflict.
I was cycling along a woodland trail two days ago. It was raining and I had not seen anyone for an hour. In the distance, I saw that the trail was blocked. As I drew closer, it was 2 fully laden cyclists standing close to one another with an umbrella. This is not a made up story. It gets better. The rain stopped and so did I to have some lunch. A butterfly landed on my nose! Then another landed on the DWT motif on my tee shirt. I resumed my journey only to see the road blocked again. This time, it was 10 people sunbathing in the middle of the road. I want to show this next picture because there are lots of thatched cottages and farmhouses all down this coast line.

And finally, I have given the names of 2 special places to stay on my journey so far. Here is a third. It is Vesterhavens Naturkunst at Thorsminde. It was so nice. The apartment is for 2 people and is in the artist's studio who makes sculptures from driftwood. The artist is Inger who can be contacted on +45 22 50 29 39 . There have been lots of other excellent stops and it is just those who provide an extra special welcome that I mention

Tomorrow I cross into Germany. I am on the final leg of my journey.

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  1. Hello Graham,
    You asked the question what do other people think about the wind turbines. Well, it's clean power, no spills, no crisis etc. and also when I look at your picture it looks like artwork and makes you see the surrounding area in more detail. When we cycled the nscr back in 2004 I very much liked the idea of those wind turbines then and still do. I always feel, that I'm looking at 'moving art'.
    We very much enjoy reading your story. You are doing well and the end of the tunnel is almost in sight. Regards, Mary Blanche.