Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Denmark is a huge contrast to where I have cycled recently. There is no more rugged scenery and Spring has now finally arrived on my trip. It is warm, the winds are light, the towns and villages have a serene and calming effect. I have fallen in love with Denmark. Andy and I said goodbye for the third and fourth times

The signs and cycle maps South of Gothenber were excellent. The Swedish South West coast is evidently a haven for water enthusiasts. Here is a group of 30 kite surfers about 20km North of Varberg. It seems also to be good for wind surfing, sailing and power boating

Sometime I must count the number of ferries I have caught. There are already two in Denmark. I have now reached Skagen, Denmark's most Northerly town.

I still have 1,175 miles to cycle. Up to now, my body seems to have coped well. I am told that the rest of the journey is far easier to cycle than everything up to now. I have decided to have a rest day in Skagen. My last rest day was in Kirkwall and I have cycled a long way since then. My bike needed a new rear tyre but otherwise has been fault free. There are two items that may need repair. The front brakes look worn but I have a replacement set with me. I have a slightly alarming noise from the crank but I have done 500 miles with it so .........

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  1. i've sought expert advice on your norwegian/ swedish boathouse.....its cantilevered!!! Amazing (o: Happy cycling xx