Saturday, 5 June 2010


This was taken in an estate agent's window in Mandal. I don't think the house had a garage but it was close to a cycle lane.

Mandal was beautiful and its setting was between two fjords so we spent a short time walking around it before setting off again. With one exception where there was 8km of rough track/steep hills, the cycling was much easier for both days. Kristiansand is a big city and port. I struggled to find much that interested me here and Jaana wanted to move on quickly.

My half way point is now passed and I have cycled 1,923 miles. I liked Birkeland, Lillesand and Arendal where I am now. Grimstad seemed too commercialised for me. I only have brief glances so I might be wrong. We met a guy from Cornwall yesterday who cycled here along the South coast, then all the way from Boulogne. Then today we met a Dutch guy who is doing my journey in reverse.
Tomorrow, Jaana leaves me and I cycle East towards Sweden

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