Monday, 7 June 2010


I have two curious pictures to show from today. Below is the tiniest car ferry that I have ever been on. Andy, who is cycling from Stavanger to Esbjerg and doing a slightly different route to me, and I have teamed up for a while and we were the only passengers on this ferry. It takes three cars or 60 people. Unfortunately Andy and I were held up losing 20 miles yesterday because this ferry does not run at weekends. However it was a fun ride and well worth the wait.

How about this for a boathouse? It seems to be supported only at the back. It is real and not an optical illusion.

Yesterday, Jaana left me but not before she undertook a 20 mile dash to catch a bus. I was struggling to keep up. She was really motoring. Now I have teamed up with Andy from Chester. He has just retired from the day job. He is a super fit guy and enjoys his cycling. His bike has Rolhaff gears and these are reputed to be the best for long distance cycling. I also met up with a Norwegian enthusiast and a New Zealand couple on a tandem.
There are still plenty of hills and although I am on the bike for 9 to 10 hours a day, it is difficult to put in the distances that I would like. There were some real steep slopes towards the end of today.
For the records, I have reached Brevik. Tomorrow, I hope to pass though Larvik, home of Thor Heyadhal, who I think is the greatest maritime explorer of the 20th century.


  1. Yerrr go dad! Gald you have met a fellow companion for a little bit!! Norway looks stunning!!! I am very envious of this part of your journey. I like the idea of the hills that you have to walk down, dont like the idea of the otherside of them though!!
    Thinking about you lots and sending you lots of strength. You must have hit 2,000 miles yesterday or is it today? Love you lots xxx

  2. Must show Joe Hearn your cantilevered boathouse photo next time he lectures me on snow loadings. Anyway, at least I now understand why I find cycling so hard - it's my Sturmey Archer gears! Must get some Rolhaffs. Keep it up Graham - Devon Wildlfe Trust need you.

    Chris Parker