Thursday, 3 June 2010


We continue on our journey around the Norwegian coastline. The route includes some wonderful beaches.

We drift in and around fjords. We climb many hills between them and find that many roads here are dirt tracks. Sometimes, like today, we career down a big hill to cross a bridge where a fjord is at its narrow point only to find that we are heading far out to sea on a promontary. But it isn't a promontary as land appears unexpectedly from nowhere and another bridge is crossed. Sometimes a dirt track is so steep, I walk down as well as up because of risk of sliding and falling off.

The communities are small and many rely on summer visitors for their income but there are many harbours that contain commercial ships and these strangely are not out of place in this landscape.
We meet more long distance cyclists. Wiep comes from Holland and is cycling in the opposite direction to me. We are both at our half way points and swop experiences. My companion, Jaana, is enjoying Norway. She comes from Finland. Norwegians speak English and Swedish as well as their own langage. Jaana speaks fluent Swedish and can translate when their English is not so good. Another English cyclist is just ahead of me and he started in Stavanger.
These are not days for big mileages as the landscape dictates what we can do. This ride is an adventure that I am relishing. I will be half way tomorrow. I hope the second half is as good as the first.

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