Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Dagmar and I parted company yesterday for our journeys home. We both travelled by train. Dagmar's journey took 12.5 hours while mine was longer taking 16 hours. Every train ran on time. My exciting moment was to cycle through Paris in its rush hour for my first time.

Dagmar, Badger and myself met many different types of bicycles. Here are two being very new and very old.

The very new bike is to carry luggage and is made in Denmark, home for many practical cyclists. The very old bike used to be used as a knife grinder. In the picture the grinding wheel can be seen on the cross bar. The person would set the bike on a stand, connect the chain to the grinding wheel and peddle away while sharpening the knives. This also was very practical.

So how did we do and what happened to Badger?  Here are our journey facts:

Start: Meckenbeuren, Southern Germany
Finish: Avignon, France
Cities visited: Konstanz, Geneva, Grenoble and for me Paris
Countries: Germany, Switzerland, France
Countryside visited: Swiss Jura, French Alps, Mont Ventoux
Major rivers: Rhine and Rhone
Distance:  650 miles
Climbing of hills: 10,500 metres
Punctures: 0
Breakdowns: 0
Favourite moment: Dagmar's fire extinguisher
Worst moment: Badger and bike had gone back to London.
Badger's favourite moment: Best forests since the North Sea Cycle Route

Finally, what happened to Badger? Well, Badger has an appointment with his creator on Saturday, 18 May for a fund raising bicycle ride and he will be with me for The Heart of Dartmoor Cycle Challenge
After this Badger will return to Dagmar and she will look after him until we next meet


  1. I'm loking the cargo bike (o: x

  2. It can carry a lot of load such as cases when meeting you at the train station

  3. I love your favourite Moment :-)