Sunday, 26 May 2013


Plymouth with its fabulous waterfront and set amongst dramatic scenery just a few miles inland now has the opportunity in my view to make it into UK's leading cycling city. It has a maritime story to be justly proud and now it can have the same for cyclists. It is well connected on the National Cycle Network, has an excellent train service that carries bikes and a cycle friendly ferry company for those who want to travel and cycle in France. There is every potential to jump with joy!

What is needed is the vision and commitment. It is not just me but lots of local people are working hard to make their voices heard. I think that The Council might just be listening. Moreover more money is being made available for cycling to attract visitors, help commutors and give more of us lifestyles to enjoy. Here are a few of my ideas and if you like them why not join the growing team here?

A Bicycle Expressway

We can have our own bicycle expressway with footpaths alongside. The concept is a fast safe two way cycle route uninterrupted by cars. They should also be used by mobility vehicles. It is possible to build these now from Plymstock and Plympton. Here is a plan that I have drawn and has been presented to Tudor Evans, leader of Plymouth City Council by Plymouth Cycling Campaign.

Bicycle expressways are now being pioneered in Europe. Boris Johnson wants to build one in London. Why not Plymouth first?

Bicycle Parking

Pioneered in Germany, the World's first dedicated bike tower has been built. It is the cyclists equivalent of a multistory car park but is fully automated, safe from thieves and under cover. Built for minimum of 75 bikes, it can be used at train stations, city centres and anywhere there is demand. Built by e-bike-mobility, it will save space and money.

Wheelchair and Bicycle Friendly Water Taxis

Crossing the River Tyne,  there is ferry that offers level access for wheelchair users and cyclists. Having spent a vast sum of money of easy access terminals, how practical is to have suitable water taxis in Plymouth? It is provided on buses and some trains. Why not ferries as well?

In Conclusion

I cycled up Devon's C2C yesterday, now part of La Velodyssee. The weather was cool and sunny. I cycle the route between Ivybridge and Barnstaple about three times a year. Yesterday, there were significant numbers of touring cyclists heading south to Plymouth, more than I have ever seen before. For me this tells a story

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