Saturday, 11 May 2013


Mont Ventoux is reckoned by many to be the second most famous climb for cyclists in the World, the first being Alpe d'Huez in Austria. Today it was my turn. I admit not to taking the climb from Bedoin opting instead to cycle from Sault. Bedoin is the route taken in the Tour de France. Mine does the same amount of climbing but is shallower until the two combine for the final 6km to the top.

The net climb over 26km on my route is 1,150m and it was expected that wind speeds at the top would be at least 90kph coming from all directions. It is not for nothing that this mountain is nicknamed "The Beast of Provence". Here is a short story best told with pictures.

Our experiences were exactly as expected. Our legs kept us going well and I felt a huge surge of adrenylin kick in with about 200m to take me to the summit. The wind roared at the top and I was nearly blown off the bike as I rounded the final curve. The wind chill was crazy cold but it was only when the body relaxed coming out of the summit cafe was that I felt it. So my winter gear went on for the ride back down to Sault and a beer.

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