Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Last night my bike and Badger arrived by courier exactly when promised. I was very impressed but it was all in bits.

No problem assembling it. Today is May Day here. It is a bank holiday. Many go off on their bikes and walking. It seems many people play practical jokes on one another as well. Dagmar, her partner, Stefan and I meet Stephanie, a keen cyclist and ADFC supporter at the ferry terminal in Friedrichshaven where we catch a ferry to Konstanz and have a day ride cycling west. All is quiet with no practical jokes yet. It is time for coffee in Konstanz and then we peddle off. Dagmar, with Stefan both ADFC supporters, is our guide.

ADFC is the German cycling federation and similar to Sustrans in GB.  The weather starts grey but blissfully the sun comes out. We peddle beside the Rhine and admire picturesque towns, various islands and the landscape. Stephanie and I discuss the differencies and similarities between our countries. We reach the magnificent Rheinfall and are astonished at its grandeur.

Never have I switched between two countries as frequently as Switzerland and Germany. The person who worked out the boundary must have been drunk. One moment we were cycling in Germany, then in Switzerland, then back to Germany and back again. Stephanie leaves us. On a woodland trail shortly afterwards we found a wooden post marking the two countries and the road had become very muddy. Badger was now very happy as he had not been a woodland for months.

We decided to follow the trail into Switzerland partly because a mountain biker said to go this way and partly as it was less muddy. Our day was 105km (67 miles) and we finished to stay in a sports complex that had motel accommodation in Waldshut.

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