Sunday, 5 May 2013


My younger daughter broke her leg shortly before I left for this trip. Her favourite sport is kite surfing but her second favourite is to ride out on her bike. Her kite surfing takes her all over the World. She is probably very frustrated at her inability to go out with both her kite and the bike. I would be mortified if I could not do this trip because of a broken leg.

Our hotel last night was very old world. The atmosphere was comfortable and unlike nearly every European hotel I have stayed in, breakfast was brought to the table. It was croissants, various bread, jam, honey, speciality cheese, a large slice of ham and coffee. The sun was out and we both felt bright eyed and bushy tailed as we set off.

We left the hotel to a huge downhill that was invigorating. Apple orchards, vineyards, fields of cattle and arable crops appeared in this rolling countryside. The land was well cultivated but there were still plenty of trees for us to hear the birds. We stopped briefly to watch a football match.  The sun now warmed up and it is proper spring weather.

We peddled on and Lake Geneva came into view. Today it was pleasing to see lots of cyclists out and before lunch there were not too many cars. We ate pizzas at Nyon.

Our cycle lanes have been well worked out in Switzerland but even the cycle planners could do nothing about the noise from low flying aircraft, motorway traffic and vast numbers of ralway trains as we approached Geneva. This is one of the most prosperous parts of Europe but prosperity comes with a price. The noise, especially from the aircraft was awful. No matter how wealthy you are, surely a healthy lifestyle is more important.

Geneva's waterfront was well worth stopping for. We parked our bikes and drank coffee as we watched people enjoying themselves walking, cycling, boating, talking and enjoying the sunshine. The waterfront is enjoyable with its historic buildings acting as a backdrop.

Cycling out of Geneva however required steely resolve. The cycle planners could do nothing about the 4 lane highways, one way streets, trams, buses, motor bikes and vast numbers of speeding cars. It was heads down for both of us as we joined the mayhem. Luckily Dagmar and I survived and we sped across the French border to find another world. This time there was a continuous uphill, no cycle lanes and lots of French traffic. We arrived at a fine hotel very reasonably priced at Hotel Rey, Saint Blaise. Dagmar jumped for joy.

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