Friday, 10 May 2013


Tonight we arrived in Sault. This little town is in Provence and at the foot of Mont Ventoux. When we arrived, it was heaving with cyclists and motor cyclists. I know why cyclists come here. It is because of Mont Ventoux. I will be joining them tomorrow in my bid to do the Mont Ventoux challenge.

Last night we stayed in a small guest house in La Motte-Chalancon run by a British couple and we had an Ulster breakfast served with welsh cakes and scones. It was a late start because our stomachs were too full to move but we had excellent chats with our hosts. Luckily it was downhill for nearly 15 miles so full stomachs added extra weight and we averaged nearly 14mph, something I have never achieved before.

The scenery now changed as we were in Southern France. Gone were the mountains. Instead was the normally dry semi arid landscape of the south. Little villages appeared on top of hills, crickets chuntered away, lavender was growing in the fields. Somehow we still kept climbing and today despite no mountains we climbed 3,500ft.

Today the sun shone gloriously but it was cold. Tomorrow is the next big climb and on Sunday it is our last full day as we head for Avignon and trains home.

Meanwhile Badger has been very happy. He loves the landscape and has seen many places for good burrows. He made friends with a French long distance cyclist yesterday. Moreover he has added two new countries to his travels and must be the most widely travelled badger ever. On Sunday night he must choose whether to go to Meckenbeuren with Dagmar or to Devon with me.

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